Q: I placed an order, can I make changes even though it hasn't been shipped yet?

A: After receiving the email confirmation of your order is no longer possible to make cancellations, changes or additions. Orders are processed immediately after receiving them in order to have the fastest possible delivery times. However, you may exercise the right of withdrawal, which gives you the opportunity to make the return. See the Returns section for more details.

Q: Can I place an order by phone?

A: We do not currently accept phone orders.

Q: After I have placed my order how will I be contacted by the company?

A: If your order is successful, you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you provided when placing your order. We remind you that orders are subject to availability and if the ordered item is no longer available you will receive a communication in which you will be informed of the missing items, which will be refunded and your order will be processed without them. If you have not received the confirmation email of your order, it means that it has not been successful or the email provided may be wrong or mispelled, please check that the email address you used for the order is correct. We recommend that you contact our customer care for more information via email by writing to customercare@cmpsport.com. Orders for which you do not receive confirmation emails are usually canceled. In the following 24/48 h you will be notified of the transaction result, with any details related to the negative outcome of the transaction.

Q: I have a promo code, how can I use it?

A: After entering the items you would like to buy, go to the shopping cart and enter the code we provided (no spaces before or after) in the Discount Codes section, then click "Apply" and the order amount will be immediately discounted.

Q: I would like an invoice to be issued, how can I do that?

A: For an invoice to be issued, you must request it when filling out the billing and shipping addresses, providing the correct company name, complete with tax code or VAT number, unique code or pec and choosing YES to the Need Invoice item. After the processing of the order, it will no longer be possible to change the billing information. We will send you the invoice by the end of the month of competence.

Q: What kind of payment methods can I use for orders in your e-shop?

A: We suggest you go to the payment method section.

Q: When will the order amount be taken from my card?

A: Your card will be charged, depending on the payment method you choose, either when you check out or when your order is shipped. In order to process your order we need your authorization as per the commercial conditions signed with your bank.

Q: Are purchases in your e-shop safe?

A: Absolutely, we guarantee maximum security and confidentiality of your personal data and purchases. See Privacy policy

Q: I can't complete my order. What can be the reason and what can I do?

A: If your payment fails, please check that your card number and expiration date are correct and that all the details have been entered correctly. Your card may have expired or you may have exceeded your monthly credit limit, so please contact your credit union. If none of these reasons apply to your inability to complete your purchase, please contact our Customer Service team.

Q: My order contains a gift, do you package gifts?

A: We do not currently offer this type of service..

Q: Does the product I will receive match the image on the website?

A: Yes, the product corresponds, although the items photographed are samples that during production may be subject to slight variations in the finishes. Please note that the color and especially its intensity depends very much on the device used to view the products.

Q: Am I sure that the products purchased are original?

A: The products purchased on our website, in our flagship stores, from our authorized dealers are original. To view our official dealers please go to the Store Finder section at the top right of https://www.cmpsport.com, where you can find our dealers divided by area of interest.

Q: Do all the shoes have the same fit?

A: The shoes do not all have the same fit, so please see the size grid for each product.

Q: How may I find the nearest shop?

A: Please go to the Store Finder section accessible at the top right of https://www.cmpsport.com, where you can search for our retailers divided by area of interest.

Q: How do I know if a store has the item I am looking for?

A: After going to the Store Finder section accessible at the top right of https://www.cmpsport.com and searching for retailers in your area, we suggest you to check the availability of the product you are looking for directly with the retailer.

Q: Where may I find the technical information of an available product?

A: On each product page you will find its technical information. If you need additional information, please contact us at customercare@cmpsport.com.

Q: I have found an anomaly in the quality of the product. The product purchased on the site does not correspond to that seen in the order on the site. What should I do?

A: If you find an anomaly in the quality of the product, compared to what is described on our site, or the garment is defective or damaged, please contact us by writing to customercare@cmpsport.com

Q: I have a problem with a product not purchased on the CMP website or in the mono-brand stores. What can I do?

A: For fiscal reasons, all items not purchased on our e-commerce platform cannot be replaced by the company and must be evaluated, and possibly replaced, in the store where they were purchased, presenting the receipt of purchase. Please note that the warranty on the defective product is 2 years from the date of purchase.

Q: I purchased a CMP garment while on vacation and encountered a problem, who should I contact to resolve it?

A: For tax reasons, the purchase contract is between the seller and the buyer, so we cannot replace an item that was not purchased on our e-commerce platform or in one of our company-owned stores. In the impossibility of doing it in person, given the distance, we invite you to contact the seller by phone and email, sending him pictures of the item and proof of purchase, so that he can check if it is defective. If the seller finds the defect, he will take back your item and contact our company directly. We remind you that the warranty for defective products is 2 years from the date of purchase.



Q: What countries do you ship to?

A: We currently ship to Italy, Germany and Austria.

Q: My order has not yet been received, who can I contact?

A: Check the tracking code that should have been emailed to you at the time of shipment or contact Customer Service.

Q: I would like to send my order to a different address. Can I do that?

A: Yes, you can associate multiple addresses to a single account. The important thing is that you enter the correct address when ordering.

Q: When will my order be delivered?

A: We do our best to process orders within one business day. This means that your order will most likely leave our warehouse the next day. Times vary from 2-4 business days. Deliveries are made from Monday to Saturday, excluding holidays, and you can always check the tracking that you receive via email when the shipment has been dispatched.

Q: What happens if I am not available at the time of delivery?

A: Our couriers are allowed to come back up to a maximum of 2 times in the days following the first delivery attempt, in order to get your order. If you are not going to be present for several days, we recommend that you contact the courier or inform us immediately through our customer service.

Q: How much is the shipping cost?

A: The shipping costs for your order to Italy are €5.50 including VAT. For orders over €80.00 shipping costs are free.

Q: Can I choose an address in a different country from the one I sent my order from?

A: No, unfortunately it is not possible to send the shipment to a country different from the one where you make the purchase.

Q: After I check out my order can I change the delivery address?

A: It is not possible to change the delivery address as the order is already in process. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service Department.

Q: What should I do if the package is damaged at the time of delivery?

A: In this case we ask you to accept the package with reservation because it is damaged. Write the words "package accepted with reservation because damaged" on the Transport Document, together with your signature and that of the courier. We also ask you to notify us immediately to customercare@cmpsport.com. In case the courier refuses to affix the reserve control, reject the shipment, communicating it to customercare@cmpsport.com

Q: I received my order but one or more items are missing; can you let me know the reason why?

A: Please check as you should have received a partial delivery confirmation email informing you that one of the items in your order is no longer available. The amount for the unavailable item was not transferred to your account, so we did not charge any money from your card for the unavailable item. If you have not received this notification, please write to customercare@cmpsport.com. We will reply as soon as possible.



First of all we advise you to go to the Returns and Refunds section.

Q: What should I do if I can't find the answer to my question here?

A: If the FAQ section has not answered your question, you can contact us using the contact form.



Q: I have an innovative idea for CMP products that I would like to share with you / I found an error on the website. Who can I contact?

A: Your opinions and advice are always welcome. You can send us your impressions by writing to customercare@cmpsport.com



Q: I would like to be always updated about your products and activities. How can I do it?

A: To be always updated, we suggest you to subscribe to our newsletter.

Q: How can I subscribe to the newsletter?

A: By going to the bottom section of our homepage you will find the words "Subscribe to our Newsletter". By entering your email, ticking the information box and clicking Subscribe you will be subscribed. By subscribing to the newsletter you will be issued a 10% discount code valid on your next order.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?

A: To unsubscribe from the newsletter, simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter.

Q: How do I create my account?

A: By clicking on the customer login icon at the top right of our homepage you can go to new customers and click Create Account. You will be asked to fill in some mandatory fields and upon confirmation you will receive an email confirming your registration, in which you will be sent a 10% discount code valid on your next purchase.

Q: How do I access my account?

A: Click on the customer login icon on the top right corner of our homepage, go to the registered customers section, enter your username and password and click sign in.

Q: What happens if I forget my password?

A: If you forget your password, click on the customer login icon on the top right corner of our homepage and in the registered customers section you will find the question "Forgot your password?". By clicking on the question you will be prompted to enter your email address, by confirming "reset my password" you will receive a password reset link.

Q: Do I have to register to shop at the CMP e-shop?

A: You do not need to register. However, if you plan to shop regularly we recommend that you register as it will save you time on subsequent orders. The registration process is quick and you will be issued with a 10% discount code valid on your next purchase.

Q: Why should I register?

A: By registering you will receive the following benefits:

- Quickly proceed through check out

- Check the status of your orders and returns

- View your past orders

- Add alternative shipping addresses to multiple family members and friends.

Q: How do I update my home addresses, email and account?

A: By logging into your account you will be able to change your shipping and billing addresses, email address and password. As for the payment method, your card details will never remain saved in your profile and you will have to enter them with each new order. We also remind you that you can put the items you want in your cart and complete the order later. However, there is no guarantee that the item you have placed will be available if you complete your order later.

Q: How will I be notified when an item is back in stock?

A: If one of the products is out of stock, click "Notify me when available" below the size you choose. You will receive email notification when the product is back in stock