Discover our trekking apparel. From the Unlimitech line, designed for the most ambitious mountaineering and trekking, to the Outdoor line, perfect for mountain hikes and family walks.

Unlimitech collection

The Unlimitech collection is designed for high altitude hiking and high intensity activities. Thanks to the use of the most advanced materials and technologies, this line includes a selection of durable, breathable, waterproof and ergonomic technical garments that are perfect for tackling the most challenging weather conditions and environments.

From challenging hikes to fun-filled days in the outdoors, our trekking collection is made for experiencing nature at your own pace, immersed in yourself while sharing unique moments. From the youngest to the oldest, we offer a selection of garments and accessories that are perfect for exploring the world in total comfort.

Outdoor Line

Our Outdoor line proposes a selection of 'must-have' garments designed for your days in the mountains and family trekking. Made with a perfect balance of style and functionality, they provide practical solutions meeting the needs of every member of the family, guaranteeing both comfort and multi-functionality.




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